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Performing live with his band on May  13th, 2022 at Theatre Gladstone. Link for all reservations in person or livestream 💥 🔥
Wise Atangana is a charismatic artist and songwriter who puts a lot of character into his sound. He has recently launched his 4th album, Messimba, on January 28th- 2022.

Originally from Cameroon, Wise is now based in Canada, where he lives and continues to work on his music. Some artists are all about entertainment, but others have a much deeper philosophy, since they aim to bring positive mental attitude and good vibrations to the audience. Wise is all about that and he definitely belongs to this category.

His upcoming album, Messimba, is just that kind of positive, amazing listening experience that will warm your heart and will make you feel at home right away. As they say, home is a feeling, and this album feels like listening to an old friend tell you a story, perhaps looking back on the good old days. The artist’s poetic lyrics and varied range of sound, exploring so many genres, is truly excellent, and the songs on this album have so much to offer. The show of this album will be available very soon, and the release features 13 tracks, which will be exclusively launched online for this wonderful occasion!

The artist’s self-expressed goal is to “inspire and motivate youth and all ages whilst boosting self esteem and promoting social change.” It is always remarkable to see artists looking to use their talent as a force for good, instead of looking for status and social currency for something as mere as popularity alone!

Musically, the album feels like a really fitting introduction to the sound of Wise Atangana, who has developed a fresh and distinctive tone, which features elements of AfroBeat and Hip-hop. His most recent studio release, Messimba, stands out as a really great testimony of the artist’s creativity, as well as his ability to seamlessly merge different ideas into a sound that’s all of his own. The release immediately creates an immersive texture, and it feels like the perfect way for Wise Atangana to let his vocal mastery unfold. The instrumental seems to be a great match with the intensity of the vocal, leading to a solid performance from the artist, and a cohesive listening experience that won’t let you down.

If you are a fan of artists such as Davido, Anthony B, WizKid and even big international stars like Drake, this one is definitely going to be a good fit with your heavy rotationFind out more about Wise Atangana, and do not miss out Messimba. The album is going to be released on January 28th, and you’ll find it on all the best online platforms. For those who are teachers, bookers, influencers, community leaders, events organizers, Wise Atangana is a force! When he runs a workshop, live music, or public speaking, you can rest assured your audience will be truly inspired by a super high caliber artist willing to teach and entertain with passion, integrity, and creativity.

From an early age, Wise’s grandparents instilled in him the wisdom that comes from oral storytelling. In the small village where he grew up, stories were told around a fire every night and were the primary means of transmitting knowledge. Today, as an adult, Wise continues to practice the art of storytelling through hip-hop, contemporary Afro music and slam poetry to inspire and motivate youth of all ages.



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