Performing live with his band on May 13th, 2022 at Theatre Gladstone. Link for all reservations in person or livestream 💥 🔥

Messimba Show

Merging the cultural power of African beats, hip-hop, slam poetry skills and spoken word.

Wise Atangana is the type of artist that has a heart-warming aura of positivity and cultural value.

His grandparents instilled the gift of storytelling in a way that he incorporates into his music. The ideals that he speaks about are part of the core and the fabric of society. His personality, his presence and his mannerisms make him a very likeable individual. This is essential for an artist that seeks to capture the heart of the listener. Currently residing in Canada after being raised in Cameroon, Central Africa, his performance is unique and appealing to audiences of all ages.

Wise’s show, Messimba, is a perfect combination of culture and love for life.Canadian audiences have felt deeply connected to the positivity and joyfulness of his show. The one element that makes this show stand out is that it merges one culture with another in a way that is not commonly seen in this region. Booking Messimba for school events, weddings, festivals, birthdays, house concert or fair is ideal for those who enjoy experiencing a catchy and melodious beat. The true essence of an artist is the way that people feel after their performance.Messimba leaves people feeling calm, relaxed, and ready to take on the world with positive strength.

Merchandize for the show is also available.

Contact Wise Atangana for booking information and make your next event a perfect setting for a show that lifts the spirits.